NAME: Ashcroft Manor
CLIMATE: Snow in winter-sometimes in summer. Temperate to cool in summer.
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Easy in the summer also accessible in the winter
COMMENTS: Be sure to see the hotel.
REMAINS: The hotel.

Ashcroft Manor was strictly English. Settled by the Cornwall brothers from England, Henry Alan and Clement Francis in 1858, the site originally was planned as a paradise for horses and cattle. The brothers bought a thousand acres of land and imported some cattle from Oregon in 1862. They also imported some English hunting horses, Arab stallions, and bought from the Duke of Beaufort twenty fox hounds for the purpose of conducting fox hunts in the truest English tradition. Because there were no foxes in the country, coyotes would have to do. The brothers also insisted all of the proper English terms for all phases of the hunt would have to be used such as "Tally Ho" and "Where away" and "Yoicks!" A comfortable hotel was built for travelers on their way to the gold fields and was called Ashcroft Manor. It is as sound today as the day it was built. The original community at the old hotel has all but vanished, only the Manor and outbuildings remaining. The rooms retain the original atmosphere and are kept immaculate for visitors.