NAME: Bradian
COUNTY: Squamish/lillooet regional district
CLIMATE: Snow in winter/moderate to hot in summer
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Access from vancouver easiest from may to nov
COMMENTS: Access from vancouver is via hwy 99 to pemberton and over the hurley pass, over which 4wd is recommended. 2wd access is via the fraser canyon to lillooet and along road 40 to goldbridge. 4 summer residents (our family). Website at www.Pacificcoast.Net/~bradian
REMAINS: 22 houses
Built to service the mines at bralorne and pioneer, bradian's first homes were built in the mid 1930's and grew to approx. 60 houses before being abandoned in 1971 when the mines closed. The richest single ton of ore ever mined in canada came from the ground below these mines (2000 oz/ton) Submitted by: Tom gutenburg