NAME: Cassiar
COUNTY: Canada
CLIMATE: Long cold winters with lots of snow
COMMENTS: It was a company mining town that was bull-dozed down when the company folded. The ore, world's highest quality of asbestos, was mined open pit on a mountain top and then went underground. There is a small mining operation there now.
REMAINS: The mill, the tailings pile, a few buildings, A virtual community online.
The website "Cassiar... do you remember?" at is very informative about Cassiar, its history and its people. Submitted by: Herb Daum

The Cassiar mill, in 1995, apparently still standing.mill was involved in a big fire and most burned to the ground Dec.25, 2000
Courtesy Herb Daum

The old Catholic church in 1995 - apparently still standing.
Herb Daum

The Cassiar Arena in 1995, apparently still standing.
Courtesy Herb Daum

Courtesy Herb Daum

This ore chute was used to bring the ore from the mine to the mill, about 3,000 feet lower, before the tramline was built.
Courtesy Herb Daum

This is what the road into Cassiar was like in 1953
Courtesy Herb Daum

Cassiar townsite at night from the mine. The moisture from homes caused "ice fog" in cold weather. Here the fog is illuminated by the lights of town.
Courtesy Herb Daum

This was taken from the cab of a shovel in the mine, when the shovel was at the edge - a rare event.
Courtesy Herb Daum

Here is a photo of a ore truck getting loaded at the hopper below the ore chute.
Courtesy Herb Daum