NAME: Foch
COUNTY: Powell River/Sunshine Coast
CLIMATE: Sunny and hot in summer and rainy and cold in the winter.
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Any time of the year.
COMMENTS: Foch is acessible by very primative logging roads that are overgrown and rough. The other way to Foch is by taking a boat up Powell Lake to a river, from there, there is a logging road that goes through Foch.noone lines in Foch.The closest town to Foch is the city of Powell River(pop:13200) which is about 20 to 30 miles away.Powell River is accesible by plane and ferry.
REMAINS: Very little.
Foch started out in the early 20's as an agricultural and logging community with a population of about 200 to 400. During the depression years many people moved away and and many hippies came to live here because of the isolation.In the 50's the remainig people had to move out so a hydro dam could be built in the valley.The remaining buildings were burnt down.Very little remains here, mostly old logging equipment. Submitted by: Shane Slater