NAME: Gold Bride
COUNTY: Bridge Country / Lillooet
ROADS: 2 & 4 WD – Packed Gravel/Dirt roads into the area – pavement in town only. 104 Km west of Lillooet on winding dirt road.
GRID: Squamish/Lillooet Regional District
CLIMATE: Hot in Summer, Cold in Winter Elevation 670 meters
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Dependant on activity preferred
COMMENTS: Nestled at the west end of Carpenter Lake (a man made lake for hydro power). Current population is 43. On the southern slopes of the Shulap’s range and on the northern side of Mission Ridge. 1 gas station in town offering propane, diesel & gasoline. Small stores, B & B’s and restaurants are found around the town site. Gold Bridge was developed in the 1930’s as an adjunct to the mining towns of Bralorne & Pioneer. Apparently the history describes the company towns of Bralorne, Bradian & Pioneer as “ethical oasis’s” – to which no shady ladies, whiskey and the like were allowed – hence the need and success of Gold Bridge filling the void. After the mines closed, Gold Bridge waned. Many small resorts have developed around the area and can host summer and winter activities. Lots of lakes to explore also!
REMAINS: Original renovated buildings and remnants from mines.
49.50' north: 117.0' west. In the heart of the "slippery silvery slocan". In 1883 thomas hammil located the lulu and spring claims at ainsworth. In the late 1880ís, jim brennan, a prospector working west of ainsworth, collected some high grade silver samples which sparked considerable interest in this new and virtually unexplored area. After initial interest at sandon, prospectors extended their range of exploration to the south and west, discovering several deposits containing appreciable gold on memphis creek and locating the dayton claim in 1893 near slocan city. Submitted by: Lorilei

Mine site core sample trays Upper Gold Bridge FSR (forest service road)

Kataz Digital Photography

Burnt out remnants of Cabin Gold Bridge
Kataz Digital Photography

Gold Bridge
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Hills above Gold Bridge Townsite
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