NAME: Nadina
COUNTY: Bulkley-Nechako E
CLIMATE: Snow in winter, mild summers
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Late spring to early fall
COMMENTS: About 80 km southwest of Burns Lake on the western end of Francois Lake. On the side of Oostsa-Nadina Rd (dirt) a few miles south of the junction with Colleymount Rd.
REMAINS: Chimney from general store, foundation, wharf pilings, historic marker
Nadina Post Office open from Dec. 1, 1925 to Aug. 9, 1940 according to The general store at Nadina served those on the southwest end of Francois Lake. Trappers cabins can be found along the south bank of the lake, but the timber industry provided most of the business. The village was named after Nadina Mountain and Nadina River to the west ("Nadina" comes from a native word for "great rock"). The government wharf stood until the 1980s, but now only a few rotted pilings remain. Parts of the broken hull of the old ferry remind us of the trade once plied across Francois Lake from Nadina. Submitted by: Patrick Yamada

Gale's General Store ruins
Courtesy Patrick Yamada

Nadina Wharf Remains
Courtesy Patrick Yamada