NAME: Beresford
COUNTY: Interlake
CLIMATE: Hot in summer, cold in winter
COMMENTS: There are about 2 or 3 inhabited houses left. The church is still standing and there are another 2 abandoned houses left. The grain elevator was demolished around 1998. Not much is left. From Brandon, head south on Highway 10 until You come to Provincial Road 349. Make a right turn onto PR349 going West. Beresford is located on PR349 between PR348 and PR22. It's not right onto PR349 but a few hundred meters off of PR349 but can be seen from the road. You have to take a short gravel road to get to the town site.
REMAINS: 2 abandoned houses and the church
I don't know much about this town, but I'm doing some reason on it. I found out about it in the Grade 7 Science textbook. Then I went to check it out, took a few pictures and I'm looking for them and will post them as soon as I can. The grain elevator was torn down or or around 1998. There are still a few residences. The church is being converted to a "model railroading" facility by one of the residence. Submitted by: Radu Popescu