NAME: Joutel
COUNTY: Nord-Du-Quebec
CLIMATE: Snow in winter, hot summers
COMMENTS: Total ghost town, no residents. Drive for roughly 120 km North of Amos on Hwy.109, turn left on a old paved road and continue straight for ~10 km past a bridge. Once past the bridge a Welcome sign still stands but lacks the name of the town. The site is marked in Map Art, Atlas Routier du Quebec, Road Atlas of Quebec. three trails entres the site (on right).
REMAINS: Sidewalks, paved and dirt roads, parking lots, and bulldozed lots. Only structure is the telebec phone bldg. And tower.
It began in 1966 when initial developements on the Joutel Gold Mine, also realized the necessitation on a town site. A modern town site (grid pattern) was laid east of the mine. It would contain a myriad of businesses (Restaurants, stores, grocery store, hotel etc..), post office (opened in 1967), as well as nearly 100 homes. The town also contained a Telebec (telephone company) branch and tower. Joutel would soon boast a population of 600 resdients adding a small health centre, bank, Catholic Church, school, and a Lion's Club Branch. However in the 1990's reserve were decreasing and by 1996-7 the town site was closed. In 1998 the houses were removed and the site leveled, and the sewers were filled with fill. Most residents moved to other minning areas of the region such as, Matagami, Royn-Noranda, Amos, and Val D'Or. Submitted by: Yvan P.Charbonneau