NAME: Venosta
COUNTY: Canada
CLIMATE: Snow in winter
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Spring, summer, fall
COMMENTS: Venosta, Quebec is a largely Irish and English farming settlement dating back to the 1800,s. The town was developed to serve the farming community which is about 40 miles North of Ottawa, Canada. It is also quite close to a ski resort known as Mont Ste. Marie. Take Hwy 5 North and then to Hwy 105 North and you will drive right into it. There are many residents remaining and there are many historic old buildings. While you're checking this neat old place you can also enjoy an excellent game of golf at Mont Ste. Marie's PGA rated golf course.
REMAINS: Old hotel, school, train station and numerous houses in varying canada of decay
Venosta was a settlement of primarily Irish immigrant farmers who worked the fertile land. The town was developed to serve its rural clients. Although the town has many historic buildings it is not a ghost town and is still quite active. Its worth a vist to see the beautiful area and its history but do stay out of the buildings. Submitted by: Mark Shewchuk