NAME: Batoche
COUNTY: Central
CLIMATE: Cold with snow in winter hot in Summer
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Sring summer or early fall.
COMMENTS: This was the site with the climax of the Riel Rebellion.
REMAINS: Church, Rectory, Cemetary, Foundations, rifle pits & foxholes, visitor center
Founded in the mid 19th century by Metis settelers. The Metis where a race of french, scotish mixed with indians. The the village was located close to the Hudsons Bay company Trading post at Fort Carlton, and the town of Duck Lake. In the year of 1885 The Metis led by Louis Riel & Gabriel Dumont revolted against the Canadian goverment and with the help of Big Bear, Poundmaker and their indians they sacked the town of Battleford,wich was he capital of the North West Territorries. The mounties and canadian militia crushed the revolt at the Battle of Batoche. The battle lasted for 4 days. Louis Riel was captured and Lynched, Gabriel abandond his family and fled to montana joined Buffalo Bill's act. Later he came back to canada and died in 1905 in Batoche.Most citizens of the town fled after the rebellion but a few stayed. the last left for the town of Duck Lake. Submitted by: Jesse Sieben