NAME: Bender
COUNTY: Canada
CLIMATE: snow in the winter, pleasant temperature in the summer
BEST TIME TO VISIT: June,July,August, Sept.
COMMENTS: Only a "Pool" elevator remains, and the old former schoolhouse. The elevator is now privately owned. The "Peanut line" CPR railroad used to run through the hamlet, but was abandoned in 1961. Bender gradually died out as the nearby town of Kipling grew and became the regional trading centre.
REMAINS: Old schoolhouse, now a farmers shop. The old "Pool" elevator now owned by a local farmer.
Became a small village in the early 1900's. Had stores, restaurants, pool hall, implement dealers,hardware,etc. Bender lake is nearby. Kipling became the dominant town in the area, and several busineses left Bender and relocated to Kipling. By the late 1940's very little remained. Submitted by: Kenneth Nyeste