NAME: Tate
COUNTY: none
CLIMATE: Impassable in winter, hot in summer
BEST TIME TO VISIT: late spring, late summer, early autumn
COMMENTS: Located aprox 5 km north of Semans, Sk. No current residents. No structural remains. Tate cemetary still maintained by local area residents and descendants.
REMAINS: Tate Cemetary, historical marker on townsite, traces of streets, foundations and assorted debris
Formerly known as Bleakmore, renamed Tate upon arrival of the CPR railway in the first decade of the 1900's. In the following years Tate thrived and boasted a hotel, pool hall, church, railway station, three grain elevators, school, hockey rink, blacksmith, livery stable, bakery, grocery stores, and an implement dealership. Saturday night dance parties were held at the town hall. Hockey and baseball teams from Tate competed against neighboring towns. A decision by the rural municipality to close the school in the 1950's set in motion the exodus from this once vibrant village. Electricity was cut to the town of Tate in 1970, and the last residents left for good. Building foundations, abandoned automobiles and assorted debris can still be found in Tate, but nothing else remains aside from the cemetary, 1 km NW of the former townsite. Submitted by: Gordon Phillips