NAME: Verwood
CLIMATE: Light snow in winter, very hot in summer
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Accessible year round, best in spring/summer
COMMENTS: Only one or two families remaining. Many old buildings remaining but some are gone. Talk to the old residents remaining about the good ole days (one resident just turned one hundred years old.)
REMAINS: Houses, churches, ball fields, grain elevator, old wooden sidewalks, firehall, etc...
The town got its name from a Mr Woods who named it after his wife, Veronica. If was a central point for the surrounding communities to bring their harvests, as it also had access to the railway. Shortly after the second world war when many Verwoodians had fought in the war and not come back after, the town lost its population. Also, Assinaboia became the new center for shipping and train transportation. Submitted by: Dave Madole