May 2004


     Howdy Partner. Are you ready for a chance to strike the mother lode. Well then, it is time to play the Monthly Online Scavenger Hunt. This game will test your history and prospecting skills. You will be given a series of clues that will lead you on an historical journey through ghost towns of the past. At the end, if you have gathered all the clues and can solve the puzzle, you and any other successful prospectors will be entered into a random drawing for the Mother Lode prize. Only winners will be entered into the drawings, and we have to warn you, solving the puzzle wont be easy! has been pleased to bring you our scavenger hunt but unfortunately due to decreasing revenue from advertising on first and second place prizes will no longer be feasible. Ghosttowns at this time is barley making enough to pay for its web hosting. We will still continue to update update the game monthly and to select and post a first and second place winner Winners will still be listed in the hall of fame.

If you would like to sponsor our game by providing with gifts to give away or if you know some one that would like to sponsor it please contact

Directions and Rules

     You will be given a set of clues that will lead you on a scavenger hunt throughout the website. Each clue will give you a general idea of where to find the next clue. You will know you have found the clue when you see this image .

     Notice the clue has a letter! Make sure that each time you find a clue you write down the letter. The object of the hunt is to collect all the clues and their letters, and then unscramble the letters into this months winning word(s). Once you have found the clues, and unscrambled the word(s), use the order form on the last clue to enter the drawing. Only correct answers will be entered in the drawing. Have fun and good luck.