GENERAL is easily navigated via the front page. If you use frames, there is a button bar across the top that has a home button and each of the states. You can click on these to take you to the respective locations. If you don't use frames, you will not have a button bar across the top, it will start with the title, "Ghost Towns". On the left is a map of the western states on You can click on the state and that will take you to that state. is always optimized for the latest browsers. They are free so please upgrade if you don't have the latest versions.
     Each state then has a map of the state on the left, four buttons on the right, and all the ghost towns listed below. You can click on a ghost town to take you to that ghost town or you can click one of the four buttons on the right which are Books,Things to Do, Links, and Submit. The Books section will list all the ghost town books for that state that we know about which you can purchase if you like by clicking on the "Where to Buy" section. The Links section takes you to a page that lists other ghost towns sites on the web that are specifically related to that state. The Things to Do section takes you to a list of history/ghosttowns related activities specific to that state. And finally, the Submit button takes you to a form to submit a ghost town if you know of one that is not on our site.
   Back to the front page. In the middle is our feature of the month which you can access by clicking on it or on the button to the right which says monthly feature. On the right is a Book button which takes you to a subcategory listing of books which lists the individual states and the southwest ghost town books section. There is also Visiting button that takes you to all the information about visiting ghost towns from reading topographical maps and using GPS units to researching locations at your local agencies.
     Then we move to the buttons at the bottom. We have our advertising rates, guided tours we offer, the talk to other ghost towners bulletin board, a way to join our mailing list, awards we have won at, our free(to private parties) classified ad section, ghost towns news, a virtual museum of artifacts, and a page about our lecture series.
     Below that are some quick links that let you email us, submit ghost towns, books or things to do right from the front page, tell you how to use the website, what is all about, our web site hosting and design, and any current events we have going like the Rally98, and a link to our text only front page if you have a really old browser.


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