8-11-99 Residents of Crown King, Arizona Lobby to maintain FR 192 and FR 711

     Residents of Crown King, Arizona are lobbying to get FR 711 and FR 192 maintained as an alternate route down the mountain from Crown King. Residents cite the possibility of a forest fire in the Oro Belle area and the inaccessibility by rescue vehicles as main reasons for wanting the road to be bladed and maintained. The last time the road was bladed was in the mid 1970's at a cost of $50 and 100 gallons of diesel. Right now if a fire was to start in the Oro Belle area, it could spread up and over Mount Wasson and there would be no way to prevent it as fire vehicles could not access the area. The only quick way off the mountain right now is the front road in, then there is also the Senator highway which doesnt really go off the mountain. Residents maintain that as the population of Crown King is exploding, it would create a traffic jam if everyone had to evacuate quickly down the only quick escape route off the mountain. If FR192 and FR711 were bladed and maintained it would give residents another way off the mountain in case of emergency. Currently FR 711 and FR192 are used by off road enthusiasts who would be less than enthusiastic to have the challenging road turned into a passenger car road.