12-12-99 offering class at community college is offering a class about Arizona Ghost Towns on Feb
. 5 and Feb 12, 2000 from 9:30 to 1:30 each day. The cost of the course is $36 for the 8 hour class and it will be taught by expert Todd Underwood. Topics will be: how to ghost town (reading topo maps, finding your way, locating ghost towns), ghost town books, maps, specific towns, directions, legends, lore, legality, and more. To enroll:

  • The course section number is: NC500 0870
  • The number to call for more info is: 623.845.3805
  • The number to call to register is: 623.845.3333 (Over the phone registrationrequires a credit card number.)
  • The room is HTC2-154E. (High Tech Center 2, room 154E.)