Welcome to the Ghosttowns.com Old West Award Site. To submit your old west related site to us for review, just fill out the following form. Awards are judged by two college internet professors. All sites not related to the old west or to ghost towns will be ignored. The criteria for the award is as follows:

1. The site must be related to promotion of the history of the old west, whether it be ghost towns, the gold rush, railroads, old west theatre or whatever. All other sites will be ignored.

2. The site must show graphic and contextual professionalism.

3. "Old" style web sites with one or two pages that scroll down for a mile will not be considered - please break up your pages.

4. The site must be quick loading.

5. The site can contain absolutely no "adult" content or profanity as we consider ourselves to be a "family" site.

6. The site must be logically layed out with an intuitive interface so the users know exactly what your site is about and where to go to do things.

     That is it. If you think your site meets the criteria, then plese go to the form and submit it. Good luck and thanks for visiting.


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