Do you know of a ghost town that is not on this site?

Please help us out and tell us about it and we will put it on and give you credit for it!

     There are thousands of ghost towns out there and we couldn't possible get to them all so we need your help in preserving this part of the United States and Canada's Heritage. All you have to do is fill out the following form and email us or snail mail us a picture or two and we will place it on the site. All photographs will have the photographers name under the picture, and all text will be credited also.The more towns we get the better historical value this site will have and those of us interested in preserving the history of ghost towns will really appreciate it.


     At we have a limited amount of time to put up new submissions. In order to better make use of what time we have, we are now implementing the following submission guidelines. If any of the following are not met, your submission will be discarded so please read these carefully before submitting a ghost town.

Town Submissions

1. Check and make sure the town you are submitting is not already on We will not accept duplicate submissions. To make a correction, go here.

2. Make sure you DO NOT USE ALL CAPITAL LETTERS! We will no longer accept submissions that are in all CAPS.

3. Make sure you use proper grammar, spelling and punctuation. We will not proof read or edit your submission. If a submission is full of spelling and grammar errors, we will discard it. We get more email about poor grammar and spelling on the town pages then anything else!

4. Make sure to include information of substance. We will no longer accept towns without the short biographies, remains, comments etc...

5. Make sure you have the correct name, county name, location etc... In other words make sure your information is accurate. All submissions will be checked against the government GNIS and place name books.

6. Do not hit enter when you are typing in the comments section or in the short biography section. If you hit enter, everything you type after that will be truncated (deleted) by our conversion program.

7. Do not submit towns that are not ghost towns and have no historical significance. We welcome towns with little to no population - the true ghost - and we welcome towns like Jerome or Tombstone Arizona who's existence is based on its historical roots and who now has an active location for sightseers to visit and learn about the "old west" - ie - the semi-ghost.

Picture Submissions

1. When submitting pictures, name them with the town name and then a dash and then your last name and then the picture number - like crownking-smith1.jpg and then crownking-smith2.jpg etc... Do not use symbols other then a dash. Also, please try and make the width of all pictures 300dpi.

2. Go to this link to upload the pictures Click Here

Town Submission Form

COUNTY (U.S. only):
GRID (area for Canada
ie north, south):
(see state's page for map and grid)
(Two wheel drive (2WD) or four wheel drive (4WD))
(snow in winter? hot summer? )
BEST TIME TO VISIT: (accessible only during one season? too hot in summer?)
(current residents? general directions, special things to see or do?):
(history, include P.O. dates if possible, # of residents, mainstay of town, time of desertion and reason, any unusual events, main characters in towns history: do not use returns or hit the enter key):
Please go to this link to upload pictures