NAME: Chalk Bluff
CLIMATE: Typical arkansas
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Fall is especially pretty
COMMENTS: No current residents. To get there, go to St. Francis and look for the sign. If coming from off toward piggott the roat will be on the left, if coming from missourri it will be on the right.
REMAINS: Little to none - two gravesites, remains of road, supposedlly remains of buildings but haven't found them yet
Chalk Bluff was originally built up around a ferry on the St. Francis River back before bridges were built over it. In it had a store, post office, and several houses, in addition to the ferry. During the civil war, a battle was fought there over a river crossing. With the ferry burned, the Union troops built a bridge of barrels and used it to cross the river, routing the confederates. Local legend claims a cannon was thrown in the river by the retreating confederates but was never recovered. After the civil war, a railroad was built through what is now St. Francis and the town was moved to there. Chalk Bluff is now a park with historical markers. Possible remains west of the park area, but unconfirmed. Submitted by: Jason Gurley