NAME: Moko
COUNTY: fulton
CLIMATE: very nice and breezy in summer
BEST TIME TO VISIT: spring: after everything blooms
COMMENTS: the area has alot of residences but the town only has three people in it. Directions:
REMAINS: Newer church building and a newer post office two abandoned houses one abandoned feed store one general store one liviable house & a very old cemetery that dates back to mid 1800's
Used to be a small thriving town on the corner of hwy 395 a tornado came thru the town in the 1940's and destroyed much of the town. Half of the town rebuilt and about 5 years later another tornado hit destroying the rest of the residential neighbor hood leaving what is still standing today. the new post office that they build has just now been abandoned. The cemetery has only three graves and the cemetery is directly behind the old store. in the woods. for more info on the town email me at: [email protected] thank you Submitted by: Luke Glover