NAME: Alto
COUNTY: Santa Cruz
CLIMATE: Warm winter, hot summer
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Winter, fall, spring
COMMENTS: To reach Alto You shall pass Salero, on the Salero Road from SR 82, immediately before mile marker 3 southwest from Patagonia. Alto is 4,3 mile after Salero on the same road. In dry weather 2WD can pass to Salero, but the last 0,7 mile to Alto, You need 4WD or to walk. 4.3 miles past Salero.
REMAINS: Foundations, part of the post office and the cemetery.

Alto's post office was established 1907 and discontinued in 1933. The origin of the name Alto, which means "high", is not known. There were few hundred residents of this town and gold was the mainstay. Today there are scattered ruins.

Alto, like Salero in Santa Rita Mountains dated back to after arriving of Spanish Jesuits in 1690. Like Salero, reopen after Gadsden purchase. Goldtree mine, named after Joseph Goldtree, grounded in 1875 known as Tyndall Mining District. The original name was El Plomo (from Spanish lead). Later (date is unknown) the name were changed to Alto (from Spanish high), maybe because the mining was possible to see from the town. Now is only one building and former post office (1907-1933) left. Alto is worth to visit because there is beautiful high desert panorama view. Bobby Krause Zlatevski

Courtesy Kurt Wenner

Courtesy Tom McCurnin

Courtesy Kurt Wenner