NAME: Beardsley
COUNTY: Maricopa
CLIMATE: Warm winter, hot summer
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Winter, fall, spring
COMMENTS: Bell road and Grand avenue.
REMAINS: Nothing.

Until the 1940's there were still corrals and residences; Expansion of the railroad right away required the site to be bulldozed out of existence. The post office operated only in the year of 1936. GT

Beardsley was originally a station which honored Will H. Beardsley.Beardsley began developing an irrigation project in the 1880's. For years it served as a sheep shearing point on the Santa Fe, Prescott & Phoenix Railroad. Beardsley was also the original junction of the branch of the SF and PP Railroad to McMicken. The junction was later re located to Ennis 4.5 miles east of Beardsley. His company, The Agua Fria Const. Co. also built a canal named the Beardsley Canal, from Lake Plesant to ranches as far as 30 miles
away--from Railroads of Arizona vol.5 by David F. Myrick

Submitted by, Paul S. Hodson

Courtesy US Library of Congress

Courtesy US Library of Congress