NAME: Bradshaw City
COUNTY: Yavapai
CLIMATE: Cool winter possible snow and running water, warm summer
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Summer or Fall
COMMENTS: Many sites to see in the area including Oro Belle, Tiger, and Crown King so the trip is well worth while.
REMAINS: Nothing but a forest service sign
Bradshaw City's post office was established July 1, 1874 and discontinued December 15, 1884. Some believe Bradshaw City eventually became the current town of Crown King, located a few miles up the road. At one time there was said to be over 5000 people living in Bradshaw City. The Tiger silver mine was the mainstay of Bradshaw City, and was one of the most productive mines in the area. Harsh conditions in the area prevented miners from working the winter season, and the mine was closed for the year more than once after men fell to their deaths while being lowered into the mine by a drunk hoist operator. Bradshaw city had stores, saloons, restaurants, and even two hotels. Today nothing remains but a forest service sign.
Bradshaw City Today