NAME: Castle Dome Landing
ROADS: Under water
LEGAL INFO: Colorado River
CLIMATE: Good summer fishing
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Anytime you have your scuba gear.
COMMENTS: Bring your scuba gear.
REMAINS: You'll have to ask the fish. blub, blub, blub.
Castle Dome Landing's post office was established December 17, 1875 and discontinued June 16, 1884. Castle Dome Landing was the supply and shipping depot for mines in the nearby Castle Dome Mountains. It was the first stop for steamboats on their way up the Colorado river. A small but active town, Castle Dome Landing had a store, hotel, saloon, stage agency, smelting furnace, and a justice of the peace. As the mines played out there was no longer a need for a supply town. Today the site is covered by water after the building of the Imperial Dam.

Castle Dome Landing, 1877
Courtesy Sharlott Hall Museum, Prescott