NAME: Christmas
CLIMATE: Mild winter, hot summer
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Fall, winter
COMMENTS: Some current residents.
REMAINS: A few original buildings amongst the new ones.

Christmas' post office was established June 17, 1905 and discontinued March 30, 1935. Originally located in the Copper Springs mountains in 1878, and 1882, the two claims responsible for the town of Christmas were thought duds. When the boundaries for the San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation were resurveyed, the mines, which were once inside the boundaries and were now outside, were reopened. This all happened on Christmas morning and hence, the name Christmas stuck. The town post office was kept busy as mail from around the country at Christmas time was sent to Christmas to get the Christmas post office seal. Today, there is both the old and the new at Christmas.

Another version how Christmas received his name: George Chittenden received permit from the Congress to change reservations boundary by telegraph on his birthday, on Christmas eve 1902. Or- mine were discovered by Mike O'Brien, bayed by Chittenden, on post office name Christmas in 1905 by one schoolteacher. Or- Albert Weldon, Alex McKay and Jimmy Lee discovered mine at Christmas eve in 1881 and named the mine Christmas because they believed that Santa Claus will bring them a big gift.