NAME: Pantano Station
COUNTY: Pima County
CLIMATE: Warm winter, hot summer
BEST TIME TO VISIT: All year around
COMMENTS: Take I-10 East to Exit 289, turn on the Pantano Road (now Marsh Station Road, but still marked as Pantano Road on some maps) and drive to Pantano Station.
REMAINS: Only one water tank beside the railroad track. UPDATE: Hello, my wife and I just visited Pantano/March Station and found that in addition to the water tower, there are also several remains of walls from buildings and concrete stairs just to the North of the water tower.  There is also a second water tower about a quarter mile west of the main water tower which is still in use today! Scott Gilliland
Exit 289 on I-10 from Tucson to New Mexico, will bring you north of the Interstate and to Pantano Road (in the year of 2000 the road change name to Marsh Station Road, but is still marked as Pantano Road on some maps) and to Pantano Station.Not so far from desert wash, Cienega Wash, in the year of 1858 was build a stagecoach station (Pantano Station), were was possible to give the horses water. The Southern Pacific railroad reach Pantano Station in the year of 1880, was possible to fill steam looks with the water. Apache attacks, stagecoach robberies and train robberies was almost all day�s coast. Only thing remaining to day is one old water tank for steam looks, beside the railroad track. Submitted by: Bobby Zlatevski
Pantano Station
Courtesy Bobby Zlatevski