NAME: Reymert
CLIMATE: Warm winter, hot summer
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Winter, fall
COMMENTS: Bulldozed out of existence.
REMAINS: Nothing.

Reymert's post office was established June 6, 1890 and discontinued May 27, 1898. Reymert was a mining town given by its relocated, James DeNoon Reymert, who also happened to be the editor of the Pinal Drill newspaper from nearby Pinal. About 75 men worked at the mine and work didn't stop until the 1950's. The site was bulldozed out of existence by a Phoenix company in the late 1970's.

For years people in my circle were told that the town of Reymert was actually located by taking a road So. of hwy 6o at the 222 mi. post and then going to the right on a stretch of pavement, (The old hwy.) which soon runs out and heads back to the south. This area in now an active mine and is said to be the actual town site. From what I have been told thru a reliable friend that new and old miner that actually worked the area. (His little cement and dirt covered cabin still exists just south of Reymert wash.) He worked and lived in this area since the 5o's with a D-7 Cat. Tom was reported to have said the the actual town sit of Reymert is located five miles south of U.S. 60 on Mineral Mountain Road. About the 216 mile post on 60. The road forks at five mi. from the hwy and almost directly south of the fork is an old foundation that was once said to be a ranch house. It could hve served as a ranch house to after the town folded up? When the building was standing Tom said that A lady lived there and sold basic supplies to people in the area. A little general store if you will? Also when one get's to the fork in Mineral Mountain Road, on the left. there are two small building foundations one believed to be the P.O.?? One of the people who owns the claim Tom used to work brought him out there from a nursing home to glean info about the area from him and this is where I got this info. I tend to believe this version rather than the the location people believe. I think Tom may have passed on or be in too bad of shape to shed any light on this now, I am just trying to share what I found out from years of exploring this area and want to see historical facts made as correct as possible. Thank you in advance for you time and efforts in this web site. "J.B." Backus