NAME: Tip Top
COUNTY: Yavapai
CLIMATE: Mild winter, hot summer
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Winter, spring, fall
COMMENTS: Most books will tell you not to go through Gillett but that is the only way you can get there today.
REMAINS: Many foundations along the side of the road and the main mine even has the door still left on it.

Tip Top's post office was established August 12, 1880 and discontinued February 14, 1895. Discovered by two men, Moore and Corning in 1875, Tip Top went on to become one of the largest silver producers in the area. Nearby Gillett served as the milling town. Most mine employees were civil war veterans from both sides. Once a miner was bitten by a centipede and dranks a quart of whisky as was the cure in those days. To this day no one know whether the miner died from the centipede or the whisky. Tip Top had six saloons, a brewery, two restaurants, a Chinese laundry, a feed yard, a blacksmith shop, a shoe store, and many residences. Today as you round the bend in your 4WD the first site you see is one of those residences.

Tip Top
Chuck Lawsen

Beer Hall at Tip Top

Brewery at Tip Top

Miners Quarters at Tip Top