NAME: Union Mine
COUNTY: Yavapai
CLIMATE: Warm Summer, snow in winter
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Year round with high clearance vehicle
COMMENTS: About 1.75m SW of McCabe Cemetery, along High Chaparral Gulch
REMAINS: Blasthouse, foundations, a deep well, assorted junk

Unaware of the history here. There is the blasthouse still standing and and various foundations in the gulch, along with a well hidden among trees to the north; it is about twenty feet deep. Just past BLM/Prescott Nat'l Forest gate. I will try to find some more information on this. Thanks to Chuck Coggins for assisting our searches. Submitted by: Joe Grumbo

1.75 SW of McCabe (I think I may have said east before), sometimes known as Union-Jessie Mine, although it is a seperate mine entirely. Originally owned by John S. Jones, it produced about $150,000 (mostly gold) until 1934. Union Consolidated Mines Co. reopened it in 1922, no substantial production on record. Southwest Mines Development Co. tried to revive it in 1930, with a few hundred tons of gold ore gleaned from the dumps. It is currently owned by Wayne L. Johnson, relative of Ben Johnson (actor in many westerns/television).

Union Mine
Courtesy Joe Grumbo

Union Mine
Courtesy Joe Grumbo