NAME: Vernon
COUNTY: Apache
CLIMATE: Warm winter, hot summer
COMMENTS: South of U.S. 60 east of Show Low - Semi-Ghost
REMAINS:Many Current residents and buildings.
The first postmistress was Fannie N Northrup in 1910. Record shows that the PO was still operational in the 1960's. In 1996 (?) the PO office was moved from its old location at the Midway Station Store to a new facility built by the feds. Our current Post master is Gordon Shay, a very nice fellow. The 'old' PO was located across the hwy (State 60) from the sawmill which you mention in your senerio. The midway station is approximatly 23 miles east of Show Low and 27 miles west of Springerville. The townsite is 1.5 miles south of the Midway station on Apache County Road 3140. We boast of 1 elementary school (fairly modern - it even has computers etc., unlike the old adobe Elgin school which I attended). Three Churches (1 LDS, one Salvation Army Mission, and one Baptist), one gas station (Midway Station). It is true that one of our industries early in the 20th century was logging and milling - but you forgot ranching. Currently there exists 4 ranches in the area. The Timberline, Vernon Ranch, Carlock Bros Ranch and ours the Lazy US. Otherwise Vernon is a bedroom community to the Show low, Pinetop/lakeside and Springerville Districts. In the last 10 years a tremendious amount of growth has decended upon us between Vernon and Showlow (at least 15 subdivisions - I wonder where these people are going to work?). - Submitted by Tim Shelest