NAME: Alisal
COUNTY: Alameda
GRID #(see map): 2
CLIMATE: Mild winter and summer.
COMMENTS: The town of Alisal was incorporated into the town of Pleasanton in 1894 after being abandoned for many years. The town of Pleasanton has a population of almost 80,000. If you head down main street you will see most of the original buildings from this era. If you head down Lund Ranch road Pleasanton. You will see one of the original ranch.
Original buildings on Main street. , abandoned ranch

Alisal, nicknamed "The Most Desperate Town in the West", was one of the settlements located along the trail called La Vereda del Monte that was a haunt and refuge of bandits and desperados in the era following the beginning of the California Gold Rush. Main Street shootouts were not uncommon. Banditos such as Claudio Feliz and Joaquin Murrieta would ambush prospectors on their way back from the gold fields and then seek refuge in Alisal. In the 1860s and 1870s Procopio, Narciso Bojorques and others took refuge there. During the period of the railroad boom in the late 1860s, Rancho Santa Rita was sub divided. In 1869 J.W. Kottinger and J.A. Neal each laid out and plotted a subdivision for a new town called Alisal, situated about five miles south of Dublin. By 1878 the village was an unincorporated town of about 500 people. Submitted by: Alon Gottlieb