NAME: Altaville
COUNTY: Calavaras
GRID #(see map): 2
CLIMATE: Mild winter and summer.
COMMENTS: The cemetery is a must see!
Many original buildings and the cemetery.

Its contribution to the scientific community is Altaville's claim to fame as well as a gold mining community. The Matison Mine is the location where the "Calaveras Skull" was unearthed about 1865. Scientists were of the opinion the discovery proved that man was considerably older than first believed as the skull was thought to date back to Pliocene times. The American Anthropological Society approved the skull as authentic in 1903 but left open the question as to its age. Of particular interest to tourists is the old section of Altaville cemetery which contains many interesting monuments from gold rush days. -


Altaville, CA: Altaville was est. circa 1852, and was 1st known as "Cherokee Flat". A Mr. D.D. Demarest built an iron foundry here in 1854, producing most of the stamp mills, and a large percentage of the mining equipment erected in Calaveras and Tuolemne Counties. It may still be in operation today. The Prince & Garibardi store (1852), is a striking building in appearance, and the old brick grammar school (1858), used until 1950, stands at the nw edge of town. Submitted by Bob Stelow.

In the area -- Altaville Grammar School - 1858 -- Altaville is the
site of California's first Iron Foundry.
Courtesy Dolores Steele