NAME: Casa Diablo
GRID #(see map): 3
CLIMATE: Warm summers, cold w/occasional snow in winter.
Late Spring, Summer, Autumn
COMMENTS: Good bladed roads to a point very close to townsite, short but rough access to site itself.
Lumber, mine portals, debris, some foundations.

Casa Diablo was not a true town, it had no post office. It was a rather large mining and milling camp that flourished in the first decade of the 1900's and saw sporadic activity in later years. Newspaper items from Inyo County newspapers:

1905, October 19 Inyo Register (Bishop, CA)
New strike, Inyo Register gives details about a new excitement at a site called Casa Diablo.

1906, August 23 Inyo Register
Casa Diablo in the news.

1906, September 27 Inyo Register
More Casa Diablo news.

1906, November 16 Inyo Register
More Casa Diablo details.

1907, January 24 Inyo Register
News column on Casa Diablo details.

1907, April 11 Inyo Register
Casa Diablo a bonanza. Sherwin or Casa Diablo District news.

1907, April 25 Inyo Register
Article: "MANY MINING VISITORS" Black Canyon and Casa Diablo news.

1907, May 03 Inyo Register
Telephone service has begun to and from Casa Diablo.

1907, May 23 Inyo Register
New townsite of Fohrman has been plated in the Casa Diablo area.

1907, May 30 Inyo Register
Casa Diablo in with news of other mines in area: Southern Belle, Black Canyon, Killian prospects (Casa Diablo annex), Badger Group, Chrysopolis, Climax, Gold Climax. Large column plus smaller columns listing mines.

1907, June 13 Inyo Register
Casa Diablo Gold Mining Company listed in Mining Directory of Inyo Register (and subsequent issues).

1907, July 04 Inyo Register
More news of Casa Diablo and Fohrman.

1907, July 25 Inyo Register
Casa Diablo news.

1907, August 27 Inyo Register
Casa Diablo news.

1907, September 19 Inyo Register
Photos of power site for Casa Diablo on Owens River, Casa Diablo mill under construction, Casa Diablo boarding house, portal of a Casa Diablo mine w/man standing on rails. Article about mining area.

1907, October 24 Inyo Register
Casa Diablo news.

1907, October 31 Inyo Register
Casa Diablo news.

1907, November 28 Inyo Register
Casa Diablo news.

1907, December 19 Inyo Register
Casa Diablo mill completed.

1908, January 29 Inyo Register
Casa Diablo news.

1908, February 06 Inyo Register
Progress at Casa Diablo.

1908, February 13 Inyo Register
Stringing power poles from Casa Diablo to Killian.

1908, February 20 Inyo Register
Stock holder of the Casa Diablo Company invents a new type of automobile wheel.

1908, March 05 Inyo Register
Casa Diablo news.

1908, March 26 Inyo Register
Headline: "CASA DIABLO COMPARES WELL." News of camp.

1908, April 09 Inyo Register

1908, April 30 Inyo Register
Casa Diablo news.

1908, May 07 Inyo Register
"VAST, UNDEVELOPED, DIVERSIFIED MINERAL EMPIRE." A syndicated article with news of Nevada, Rawhide, Tonopah, Goldfield, Red Rose, Southern Belle, Ubehebe, Silver Cliff Mine, Black Canyon, Skidoo, Ballarat, Kruger, Cerro Gordo, Blind Spring Hill, Poleta, Mammoth, Casa Diablo, Bishop Creek. Also, on front page, an article, "CASA DIABLO TUNNEL GOING AHEAD."

1908, June 04 Inyo Register
Casa Diablo news under heading "QUIET BUT BUSY."

1908, June 18 Inyo Register

1908, July 02 Inyo Register
Casa Diablo news.

1908, July 23 Inyo Register
Further down, Casa Diablo news under heading: "LEFTOVER ITEMS".

1908, August 06 Inyo Register

1908, August 13 Inyo Register
Photographs on front page are of Casa Diablo Mining Company's mill and Casa Diablo port tunnel and boarding house.

1908, August 20 Inyo Register

1908, August 27 Inyo Register

1908, September 10 Inyo Register

1908, September 17 Inyo Register

1908, November 05 Inyo Register
Headline: "WILL ENLARGE ITS MILL," ten stamps to be added to the Casa Diablo mill.

1908, December 10 Inyo Register
Headline: "SERIOUS ACCIDENTS," Fred Rambaud, brother of Mrs. F. Pellissier, will no doubt loose one of his eyes; outcome of an accidental blow from a pick. He was employed at the Casa Diablo Mine.

1908, December 17 Inyo Register
Headline: "CASA DIABLO PLANNING FOR THE FUTURE: ADDITIONAL MILLING FACILITIES, NEW STRIKE," Details include: the Register reporter made a brief call at Casa Diablo. Many people were out, but the foreman was there. There was a Sunday layoff on account of diminished water supply. Temporary trouble at the intake of the eight mile pipeline. A ten stamp mill. About twenty five tons of concentrated ore sacked for shipment. Expected to run $50 to $80 a ton. The mine electrically lighted from its own plant on the river.

1908, December 24 Inyo Register
Headline: "NEARBY MINING CLAIMS: NEW FIND NEAR POLETA, WILD ROSE, CASA DIABLO." Casa Diablo mill closed down because of freezing of the pipeline. The camp is waiting for melting snow.

1908, December 31 Inyo Register

1909, January 14 Inyo Register
Headline: "MILL THAT IS A WONDER: GRAY BUTTE COMPANY EXPECTS TO INSTALL ONE THIS YEAR," article speaks of mines seven miles from Casa Diablo, equidistant from Benton and Hammil. Bishop is the supply point. Five men employed. Work going on since August, opening a tunnel, which is now in twenty feet. It's face is 300 feet below the surface vertically. The seven horsepower required to operate a mill may be obtained from Casa Diablo's transmission line. If not, by gasoline or steam.

1909, January 21 Inyo Register
Casa Diablo news.

1909, March 04 Inyo Register
Infant (14 days) dies at Casa Diablo.

1909, March 25 Inyo Register
Headline: "IT OUGHT TO BE IN INYO ANYWAY," a Benton correspondent to the Bridgeport Chronicle-Union proclaims Mono’s jurisdiction over the Tower, Casa Diablo and other mines north of the Inyo line. Further down, headline: "CASA DIABLO MILL BUSY," stamps resumed dropping last Monday.

April 29, 1909 Inyo Register
Headline: "MAKING BARS OF BULLION: CASA DIABLO PRODUCING -- NEW HOIST INSTALLED," news of the Casa Diablo Gold Mining Company. Manager Beale brings in a handsome bar of bouillon about twice a month. There’s been installation of an electric hoist in the mine. The station is 500 feet from the portal of the tunnel. Hoist started Monday cleaning up the shaft. And sinking will resume. When a depth of a hundred feet is reached, drifts will be started east and west. About 40 men are employed on the property, 26 of these are at work underground.

June 3, 1909 Inyo Register
Headline: "SOUTHERN MONO MINES: CASA DIABLO IS PROGRESSING, UNTHANK & SHIVE," Casa Diablo keeping steady progress. 200-feet of development work was done during May, in addition to cutting another station. First levels in the new shaft are now advanced a distance of 30 and 40-feet northerly and southerly. The shaft itself 40-feet toward the next level. Fourteen men taking out about 30-tons daily. Half a dozen transformers, three of them weighing 4-tons each and three weighing a ton each are at Laws, for the additional electric equipment. New generators will arrive shortly, their installation will be set for an increase of working facilities. The sawmill cuts out enough timber to keep demand for its product fully supplied. Total working force is about 40 men. Unthank & Shive has about 15-tons of ore at the railroad track for shipping. And a carload at the dump, on their ground in the Brockman and Middleton ground in Chidalgo district. Their shaft down 125-feet. Two shafts run from the bottom. Each following the ore.

June 10, 1909 Inyo Register
Quote from TABOOSE Column: "C.A. Fohrman, Vice President of the Casa Diablo Co., arrived from the east Monday."

June 17, 1909 Inyo Register
Headline: "CASA DIABLO PROGRESS: BULLION TURNED OUT WHILE DEVELOPMENT CONTINUES." Sinking on the main shaft of the Dawn of Hope vein of the Casa Diablo Mine progressing at three feet per day, a double shift of miners at work. When compressors are installed, it is expected that at least eight feet per day can be driven. At present time the shaft has attained a depth of 150 to 200 feet below the tunnel level. Ore bodies look firm. Ore values at shaft levels, at least 500 feet below the surface, has not varied from those on the surface except to increase. When the shaft reaches a depth of 500 feet below tunnel level, it is reasonable to expect that the sulfide or metallic zone will be met. The electric hoist, which is located 15 feet west of the tunnel in the Dawn of Hope drift, does perfect work. The skip has capacity of one ton of ore. 25 tons per hour can be easily raised. The hoisting station shows the best of workmanship. Very solid structure. Located in hard granite. The air compressor will arrive in a few days. The Granite Mountain vein is one of the richest veins on the property. Surface ores are assaying $98 per ton. 75 feet further south lays another massive vein, in which the pay streak shows the coarsest gold in the whole property. The stamp mill is in charge of a Mr. Walser, one of Colorado’s most competent amalgamators. The mill is running 24 hours a day on ore mined from the Dawn of Hope and Dry Bone veins. Regular shipments of bullion to San Francisco Mint are made. 15 miners are stoping ore, 15 are on development work. The force now consists of 41 men. The pipeline is supplying water enough to feed 30-stamp mill. The defects exist before are charged to sand and seepage gathering between intake and sand tank at the sharp curves at times retarding the full flow of water. As these defects are remedied, no more trouble is feared from that quarter. 600-horsepower transformers are being installed and a solid foundation made for additional 250-generators. Following this work, a ten stamp mill will be added to the one now running. Additional stamps are to be erected later on. Will depend on the nature of the ore. The entire property in charge of a Clarence A. Beall [spelling]. No obstruction being laid in his way by the Board of Directors. The mine foreman is Captain Williams. 30 years experience. A brick weighing 120.5 ounces brought to Manager Beall in recent days. Product of the last two weeks run.

July 1, 1909 Inyo Register
Headline: "AT CASA DIABLO PLANT: DETAILS OF WORK IN PROGRESS, PRODUCING BULLION." Foundations for a large generator has been completed. Road leading down canyon undergoing repairs. Within a few weeks, part of the power will be in place. Extra power needed to run air compressors. Drills in commission opening up deeper levels. East drift at last shaft level in Dawn of Hope ore body shows satisfactory width. Policy of the company is for more importance now to open up the mine in such a manner its ore reserves become large, making it easier to supply a large plant. When development work is run to full capacity of the air compressor, ore from the source will keep present 10-stamp mill running steadily. In the past week, a shipment of rich concentrate was made to the Selby smelter. Superintendent Beall made another shipment of bullion to the San Francisco Mint on the 28th. The company sawmill will go into operation to cut lumber for a number of cottages that are to be erected during the summer, to be rented to the married employees.
Submitted by David A. Wright
Great Basin Research

Casa Diablo
Courtesy David A. Wright
Great Basin Research

Casa Diablo
Courtesy David A. Wright
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Casa Diablo
Courtesy David A. Wright
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Casa Diablo
Courtesy David A. Wright
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Casa Diablo
Courtesy David A. Wright
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Casa Diablo
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Casa Diablo
Courtesy David A. Wright
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Casa Diablo Mine before
Courtesy G J Beidelman

Casa Diablo Mine Today
Courtesy G J Beidelman

Casa Diablo Mine Today
Courtesy G J Beidelman