NAME: Cement
COUNTY: Solano
CLIMATE: Summer - Hot; Winter - Foggy/Chilly
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Access currently restricted due to redevelopment.
COMMENTS: Located in Fairfield off of Cement Hill Road.
REMAINS: Cement Mines; A Few Foundations from buildings.

The Pacific Portland Cement Company established a quarry, cement factory and company town, Cement, on what is known today as Cement Hill. The company employed more than 500 people. This company town closed in 1927. Currently few remnants of the town are still standing. Bits of Cement's mines can be seen from the I-80 corridor, though you have to be looking for it. I visited this town about two years ago. It required climbing under a fence, but I have to say that it was definitely worth it. Much of the site of Cement is currently being redeveloped. Possibly more track homes for area. Last time I drove down Cement Hill road to view the remains of the town, it seemed that most of it was bound for demolition. Too bad! It was sure a fun place to see! Submitted by: Melissa Kenney

I came across your site and have information on and photos of the above town in its hay day. If you would like more info let me know.  My grandfather's name was Roy Stitt.

 My grandfather was a civil engineer and after he married he traveled to the west coast and became foreman in a quarry near Sacramento. The town that developed near the quarry site was called Cement. When I was young my family took a vacation and we went to see Cement. We approached the location of the town and were stopped by the military. The quarry had been used during the cold war period as a Nike missile site. They wanted to know what we were doing there and we explained the story and they took us in to see what remained of the old town. Mainly just foundations of the buildings. I have old photos showing the buildings and gatherings in the town in its hay day. My grandfather when he was there captured a creature that was regarded as a kind of bigfoot type character. Things had been missing and food had been stolen from many of the homes in the area. Those who saw anything described a hairy animal running from the scenes on two legs. It became kind of a local folk legend. My grandfather used to like to take a gun and go for walks up into the hills. One day he sat down to rest with a large rock as support for his back. After a little time the creature came around from behind the rock completely unaware that he was there. My grandfather was shocked and said whoa. The creature was so shocked it kept repeating whoa over and over. It turned out that it was a homeless person who had gone wild. He had long hair and a beard and torn clothing. My grandfather brought him in and became a local hero. The town of Cement is listed now as a ghost town

Sincerely yours,
Ray Rieser