NAME: Coolgardie
COUNTY: San Bernardino
CLIMATE: Winter is cool to cold, possible snow at times. Summer can reach well above 100.
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Winter (if you can handle COLD wind), spring.
COMMENTS: Unfortunately about the only things left are old rusted cans. Remnants of collapsed wooden buildings remain, however the entire site has turned into a dumping ground. There are several vertical shafts in and around the once booming mine camp, visitors need to step carefully and ALWAYS be aware of what is underfoot. I also suggest sticking to the MAIN road as most mines in the are dynamited straight into the ground and serious injury is emminent for those who could possibly drive their vehicle straight into one of the ground mines.Head N on the 15 frwy, get off on the 58 (the 2nd 58 off-ramp)and turn RT on Irwin Road. Irwin will 'dump out' onto the dirt road you need to follow. Take the dirt road back into the hills for approx. 5-6 miles and hang a left onto another dirt road. About .1 miles in if you find a sign on the right side warning of mining claims, you're on the right raod. Keep on the road (which narrows at times so if you don't want your paint scratched, this is not the town for you)for approx. 5-7 miles and hang another left (where all the rusted cans are). Again, this left is NOT a road and you need to be VERY, VERY aware of your surroundings due to the vertical shafts. It would not be difficult to drive into a 'filled' shaft and be stuck- this place is literally out in the boonies! I actually stopped my truck over an UNFILLED vertical shaft that was covered only be lumber and desert if you go, PLEASE BE CAREFUL!!!!!!!!!!
REMAINS: Remnant lumber from 'once-upon-a-time' buildings and shacks.
None that I know of, other than it is mapped in several of my ghost town books... Submitted by: Donna