NAME: Crackerjack
COUNTY: San Bernandino
CLIMATE: Hot Summer/Cool Winter
COMMENTS: From Silver Lake a dirt road heads west 24 miles to Avawatz Pass, which the splits the Avawatz Mountains. To the west of the road heading north through the pass, and about two miles southwest of Cave Springs, lie the few remains of Crackerjack.
REMAINS: Rusted cans, bottle openers, the usual.

This gold camp reached its climax in 1907-8 and was deserted by 1918.(If you have any additional information on this site, then please add to my query. Submitted by: Nick Walrath

Crackerjack was the first ghost town My partner and I tracked down. We never reached it because it is located inside Camp Irwin military base. Once we were sure that we had the exact location in 1970, we contacted the base commander, Colonel Taylor to get permission to enter the base. Entry was denied due to unexploded artillery shells in the area. We received a letter from the Colonel informing us that he had sent a detail to the location that we had given him and letting us know what the detail had found. At that time there was one corragated metal building, some foundations and partial walls and, according to Colonel Taylor "Nothing of historical interest." Crackerjack was advertized as having train service on the Tonapah & Tidewater RR, but the T. & T. RR never came within 25 miles of the town. I hope this information is of some value to you. Sincerely, Jim Gleason