NAME: Eldoradoville
COUNTY: Los Angeles
CLIMATE: Mostly so.Cal warm
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Can be warm in the summer
COMMENTS: From the 10fwy. N. on Asuza Ave. which turns into San Gabriel Canyon Rd. Roughly 20 miles. A scenic drive on paved roads.
REMAINS: Only some foundations
Eldoradoville was a mining community during the heyday of the hydraulic gold extraction in the San Gabriel canyon. Was washed away by a flood in the early 1900's. Locals tell a story of a miner and mule taken by the same flood along with several sacks of gold. There is a rumor of a safe being washed away as well. Niether the miner, his mule nor the safe were ever seen again. The town was never rebuilt. there are several abandoned mines in the area. After a strenuous 4 or 5 hour hike up the canyon you can see the "Bridge to nowhere" A highway bridge across the canyon abandoned after construction that was never connected with any road. Submitted by: Ian Evans