NAME: Elizabethtown
COUNTY: Plumas
GRID #(see map): 1
CLIMATE: Snow in winter, hot in summer.
Summer, spring, winter if roads are cleared.
COMMENTS: Newly discovered between Mt. Huff and Quincy, (the county seat).
Building foundations

0 residents, still being excevated, new discovery. Submitted by: Barbara Dorman.

Miners flocked to this area in 1852, in search of gold. There being only one unmarried lady in the new camp, a miss Elizabeth Stark, the chivalrous miners named the new town in her honor. Elizabethtown, sometimes humorously referred to as "Bettyburg", became a rather large camp by 1853, and in March, a post office was established. But the surrounding gullies were soon exhausted, & the county seat was moved to Quincy. Finally, the post office was also moved to Quincy in December of 1855, and Elizabethtown quickly began to decline. Today, only mine tailings remain, but the former town was marked with a monument placed by the Native Sons & Daughters of Quincy on September 9, 1927. State highway 70 passes through the Elizabethtown area, 2 miles north of Quincy. Submitted by Bob Stelow.