NAME: Fertila
COUNTY: Riverside
CLIMATE: Warm winters. Hot summers.
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Fall through Spring.
COMMENTS: Fertila is located about 100 - 150 yards Northeast of the intersection of S. C&D Blvd. and 6th Ave. Second Ave, and N. Lovekin Blvd. are both East/West roads, don't form an intersection, and are about a mile and a half north of the town site. The town site is about a mile East of the Santa Fe Railroad Right of Way. UPDATE: My brother pointed that my original location link and description are incorrect. He went to Google Maps and found the actual location which is in the new link. It's located nearly 1 km North of 6th Ave. (on what would be 5th Ave.) on a dirt farm road, about 100 m East of the dirt road. See the map in the link for exact location. The dirt road is the old Right-Of-Way for the Santa Fe Railroad branch line that went on South Into Blythe and the stock yards South of town.The building is still standing, as can be seen in the satellite photo in the link. This is all on private property and is probably not accessible to the public. 

REMAINS: Concrete slabs.

Site of an old Bracero camp and railroad depot, Fertilla was a promise in the desert that never panned out for Mexican immigrants that were brought to the US to work the fields while the troops were at war. Submitted by: J. Coman

My brother & I grew up (1949 - 1959) about half a mile South of the town site. We called it our "jungle", but all the farmers in the area referred to it as Fertila. There was a large, single story town hall-type concrete building still standing back then, probably 25' by 50' or larger with the front facing South.

The building reminded me of a theater with 20' (or higher) ceiling.

There was a wooden stage at the North end of the building and exit doors in front of the stage on the East and West sides. At the front of the building, the South face, there were what had to be large windows on either side of a doorway that was large enough for double doors. I remember decorative tin coving around the ceiling. It was curved and had some kind of design stamped into it. All I remember, other than that, is that it was rusty.

I have attached a link to Google Maps. There is a rectangle of scrub brush bordered by fields to the North & South of the area. In the satellite photo, you can still see some of the concrete pads. I also have included a link to the N. Lovekin & 2nd, non-intersection.


N. Lovekin Blvd & 2nd Ave.:

Tom Coughran
Vista, CA