NAME: Hart
COUNTY: San Bernardino
CLIMATE: Mojave Desert Location. Hot summer.
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Not the summer.
COMMENTS: Located in the far eastern section of the Mojave Preserve. AAA map of San Bernardino provides direction.
REMAINS: Crumbling stone and wooden structures
There is a BLM plaque at the site, from which I quote: "Gold was discovered in the nearby Castle Mountains in December 1907 by Jim Hart and the Hitt Brothers, Bert and Clark. The town of Hart quickly sprang up. Its five hotels and eight saloons served a population of about 400.The relatively quiet town had neither a church or a school. Hart had its own newspaper during 1908-1909. The nearest rail connection was 3 1/2 miles northwest at the siding of Hitt. The mines played out after ten years and the town was deserted." Submitted by: Peter Lukacs