NAME: Herbertville
COUNTY: Amador
CLIMATE: Cold in winter,hot in summer.
BEST TIME TO VISIT: All year round.
COMMENTS: No current residents.The site is located at the intersection of turner road and stringbean alley north of sutter creek.
REMAINS: The ruins of an old stone store.
Herbertville had a population of several hundred people in its heyday.It was named after Reverend Lemuel Herbert,who was one of the owners of the pioneer Spring Hill Mine.Herbertville began in 1851 around the Jones and Davis mine.In 1852,W.P.Jones,Samuel Davis and S.G.hand filed claim to the land.Throughout the 1850s and into the 1860s the mines operated at Herbertville.In 1861,members of the state geological survey team mentioned that the Herbertville quartz mining company operated 40 stamps.Not much is left of Herbertville,only the old stone store ruins. Submitted by: Chris Geigle