NAME: Iowa Hill
COUNTY: Placer
CLIMATE: Warm summer very cold winter.
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Not advisable in wet weather!
COMMENTS: Semi ghost, some residents around. Residents might wave because not many people visit! This town is also a historical landmark. Iowa Hill road is a very narrow poorly maintained road, so please be careful. It is located near Colfax, Ca.
REMAINS: Only a few remains there are two cemeteries... both in good condition.
Gold was found in Iowa Hill in 1853, and burned down on 3 occasions. There is a post office. The Cemeteries are in pretty good condition! The town was fairly large by the sounds of it, having several Grocery stores, hotels, a brewery, soda factory, and hardware stores. While in the town I noticed a lot of signs with talk of not smoking or having open flame due to flammable gasses? People are pretty darn friendly there and seem to know a lot of the history. Submitted by: Carrina Hanson