NAME: Knight's Ferry
COUNTY: Stanislaus
CLIMATE: Autumn and spring
COMMENTS: Probably only the cemetery keeper, who has a house there. Knight's Ferry once the heart of the mother-lode country. General Grant's sister owned a big house there.The women came and a church was built. - Semi-ghost.
REMAINS: Houses, church cemetary

Supplies were ferried from San Francisco.Residents came from U.S. and a few from England.All buried in cementary. Submitted by: Suzanne Roberts

On highway 120 southwest of Jamestown is Knight's Ferry. It was here William Knight started the first ferry over the Stanislaus River on the road from Stockton to Sonora. The present covered bridge, one of the few remaining in California, dates from 1862. Close by is the old Dent House where Ulysses S. Grant visited his brother-in-law in 1854. Submitted by Henry Chenoweth.

UPDATE: There has not been a cemetery caretaker home on the property in as many years as residents are aware. There are about 100 residents in the town plus many more in surrounding farms and ranches. There are many buildings from the 1850s and more from the vacation resort days in the 1920s-1950s as well as a few that are new. There has been a continuously operating general store since the 1850s as well as lodges and hotels.

We lived there for 10 years and have lived nearby for the last two, remaining active in the community club.

JulieBeth Lamb
Oakdale, CA