NAME: Lockhart Ranch
COUNTY: San Bernardino
CLIMATE: mild snow in winter, very hot in summer
BEST TIME TO VISIT: spring or fall
COMMENTS: The location is 15 miles northeast of Barstow, Ca on Lockhart Ranch Road at Harper Lake Road. Take highway 58 west from Barstow and turn right on Harper Lake Road. The store is visible from the road and all the outbuildings and the cattle enclosure and the mill are spread out behind the store. This was a working cattle ranch with a large mill and a general store on it with gas pumps. Several shops and apartments for the workers are also abandoned. There is lots of broken glass, so be careful.
REMAINS: No one is buried here. UPDATE: I visited Lockhart Ranch (California) today and the site is now off limits.  The land was purchased by a developer and the contractor is Sukut.  As I pulled up alongside the gas station/general store portion, a pickup truck with 3 security guards promptly pulled up beside me and aggressively told me photography is not permitted and that if I climbed over the fence, they would call the police.  They did report my (rental car) license plate to someone over the radio.  A pity they had bad attitudes.  Grrr.

This ranch, store and mill were destroyed and abandoned after the Cedar Springs Dam / Silverwood Lake Reservoir dried up the Mojave River in 1971! Submitted by: Cherise Kelley