NAME: Meadow lake
COUNTY: Nevada
CLIMATE: Heavy snow in winter
BEST TIME TO VISIT: July through October
COMMENTS: No current residents. Hwy 89 north from Truckee to Henness Pass road; 10 miles west on Henness Pass road; left turn on meadow lake road 1/2 mile past Webber lake turnoff; 9 miles southwest on logging road; approximate elevation = 7,300 ft. Meadow Lake, CA 4WD summer only beside Meadow Lake. Access options are via Sierra County or up the Bowman Lake road 15 miles then right on Meadow Lake Road 10 miles. Bring emergency gear and CB radio, shovel and winch. Other info on the site not known. (not visited yet, but know people who have. This is a serious Boondock ghost town)
REMAINS: Few visible remains of townsite; cemetery still active; several mining sites to see below former townsite

The dam and a few foundations off in the woods.

Heyday 1865 to 1868; 4,000 to 5,000 residents and 500 buildings at peak; mainstay was prospect of substantial gold ore which never materialized; town dwindled to less than 100 residents after 1868 Submitted by: Jim Perez

UPDATE: A good friend and I just returned Meadow Lake after learning about it on your site.
We were very disappointed. The road was in good condition and the old town site is now a campsite full of R.V.s and tent campers. We could find absolutely no remains of the town save for a cement landmark that stated some facts about the town. Locals informed us that the snow dissapeared any remains long ago. Please inform your visitors not to waste their time on this one. - Sean Murray

Hello, I just returned from Meadow Lake and looked up your site for info.
The information listed as a user submitted update is only partially correct. Yes access is easy in the summer and yes it is now a campground but remnants still exist if you get out of your car and go snooping through the woods around the area. In fact the biggest structure of all still remains standing, the Dam. At first glance the dam appears to be modern construction but if you walk around the back side of it the original structure become apparent. At some point it was updated and covered with cement but the original granite stone structure is still visible and quite impressive when viewed from behind. If you walk a little further you'll see remains of foundations with old 1800's era hardware still visible and the original granite spillway. Also the pipe that was to take the lakes water to the mines in the area is also still there although it has been crushed flat over the years you can follow it quite a ways through the woods.  Evan Zappel

Meadow Lake
Courtesy Chris Geigle

Meadow Lake
Courtesy Chris Geigle