NAME: Meridian
COUNTY: Sutter
CLIMATE: hot summers beautiful spring and fall
BEST TIME TO VISIT: spring, summer,
COMMENTS: Hwy 20 between Yuba City and Colusa. 15 miles to Yuba City, 6 miles to Colusa
REMAINS: several old buildings and restored homes
Originally to be named Kiokuk but a town already existed with that name. Small town on the Sacramento River on Hwy 20 between Yuba City and Colusa originating around 1850. Freight for the mines was shipped up the Sacramento River and unloaded in Meridian. Then it traveled through Yuba City and Marysville to the gold fields. It also had and still has large agricultural basis. Peak population was around 400, and it still is. Until a few years ago the Meridian Fire Department used to host a spectacular Fourth of July fire works display with a free picnic for all who attended. At one time Meridian had two restaurants, bar, 3 stores. Several restored old homes remain.The local Lions Club is very active in the town. Hwy 20 passes by and crosses the river at Meridian over a turning draw bridge. Submitted by: Stephanie Arellano