NAME: Mulberry
CLIMATE: No snow, May - Aug. 80-110 degrees.
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Accessible year-round.
COMMENTS: The small community of Mulberry was on a 1955 street map of Chico and Butte County. That's when my parents moved to Chico. At that time there were six small old homes on the East side at the 3-way intersection of Hegan Lane and The Midway. The Midway used to be the only highway road between Chico and Durham. One of the little houses was rented by a family with the last name of Wise. I attended Rosedale Elementary school with Barbara Wise. On the South-West corner was & still is a small cemetery. The North-West corner was farmland in 1955. Today the North-West corner is a gasoline tank farm. The East side of the intersection has various small warehouse-type businesses. I just thought this tiny old community should have it's place in history. It seems that no one else remembers it's existance.
REMAINS: Maybe in the old cemetery across the street.
I have never been able to find any other information on Mulberry, CA. Submitted by: Dee Huenneke-Stamps