NAME: North Bloomfield
COUNTY: Nevada
CLIMATE: Summer and spring are warm; fall and winter can be cool
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Daily. Check during winter/unpaved access roads.
COMMENTS: Ghost town within Malakoff Diggins State Historic Park. Located 16 miles northeast of Nevada City on North Bloomfield Rd. 8 miles of the road are unpaved and winding. (916)265-2740 for info.
REMAINS: Several buildings, grave yard
First named "Humbug" in 1851 by unlucky miners, North Bloomfield was a placer camp that served as a supply base for the diggins. North Bloomfield grew into a booming town of about 1,229 during the height of hydraulic operations at Malakoff Diggins. Hydraulic mining was effective and profitable, but it severly damaged the environment. Tailings from the mines destroyed farmlands, raised the bed of the Yuba River higher than the level of the city, and disrupted navigation of the Sacramento River and San Francisco Bay. In 1884 a law was passed and Judge Lorenzo Sawyer halted the practice of hydraulic mining with a permanent injunction against dumping tailings into state's waterways. North Bloomfield is a delightful place to visit with many interesting things to see and do. Submitted by: Rena Furbert

Courtesy Rena Furbert

Drug Store
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Fire Department
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Courtesy Rena Furbert

Courtesy Rena Furbert