NAME: Oro Fino
COUNTY: Siskiyou
GRID #(see map): 2
CLIMATE: Mild winter and summer
COMMENTS: Current Residents, semi-ghost.
There are a few remaining houses, including the Eastlick Ranch (1900 photo of Lafe attached).

Not far from Greenview, nestled in a little valley, is Oro Fino, which means fine gold in Spanish, Oro Fino was once a prosperous mining community. In fact, it was one of the richest strikes in all of Siskiyou County. It was home for many miners as there were two large hydraulic claims, a quartz mill, a store, a hotel and a post office that was commissioned in 1861. The post office closed in 1903. Oro Fino is presumed to have the first white man's grave in Siskiyou County. A grave was discovered there from the early 1830's by a headstone carved on a native rock. Mining dwindled in Oro Fino by the 1880's, but resumed again for a period in the 1930's and 1940's. There is nothing left of the town site; however, there is one lovely old home remaining. It was built by Lafayette Eastlick, one of the owners of an early mine nearby.

My mother, Janet Muzinich, grew up on the ranch, her father was Orel Lewis, son of Jacob Lewis, grandson of Lafayette Eastlick.   She's retired today and lives on Oro Fino Road on the lot where Orel Lewis was born.

There are signs posted where the Hotel, Schoolhouse, Churchs etc once stood and the occupied graveyard is still visible.  The grave marker mentioned above was right above my mom's current house and currently resides at the Fort Jones Museum.

I hope you find the information above a welcome addition to your informative web site.

Ben Betts

Oro Fino
Courtesy Ben Betts